We believe in keeping things simple

  1. Your use of Acclaim must be lawful at all times.
  2. You can continue to use Acclaim for as long as you need to for your awards programs.
  3. You may decide to stop using our services at any time simply by closing any current awards programs running on the Acclaim platform and paying any amounts due to us.
  4. The ownership and copyright in any process, software design or computer code created for you (whether or not implemented) vest solely and exclusively with AcclaimWorks Limited immediately and in perpetuity.
  5. All day estimates in development proposals prepared for you are estimates and subject to revision.
  6. We will invoice you weekly for entry processing fees and monthly for all other services we provide. 
  7. Our invoices are payable in full by card or bank transfer within 14 days of receipt. Our bank details are printed on our invoices.
  8. Any applicable bank transfer transaction fees are to be paid in addition to the invoiced total. 
  9. Customisation or feature enhancement work is undertaken subject to our agreement and is invoiced in two parts: (i) 50% of the estimate for the work, and (ii) the balance of the work once completed. The first invoice is payable immediately and work will not commence until payment has been received.
  10. Any travel and associated accommodation and/or subsistence expenses incurred in the provision of our services to you will be re-billed at cost + 10%. Travel will not be undertaken without your approval. Travel of more than 5 hours in duration is business class or equivalent. Accommodation standard is 4 star or better.
  11. Access to some or all of the Acclaim services and your Awards Data may be automatically restricted without notice and at our discretion if you don’t pay our invoices on or before the date they are due.
  12. This agreement is governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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