Winner's galleries can be created for each Judging Track. It outputs the result of the published round for the Judging Track. Our demonstration is only showing one category because there is only one category on the Judging Track.

Each gallery has a number of configuration options available that can be updated instantly from within Acclaim for any web page the gallery is being displayed in. There is no limit on the number of wee pages - whether they be within or external to Acclaim.

Configuration options include:

  • The depth of content (Rankings to be included)
  • Whether the result note is included (example: Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • The Hero Image to insert
  • The Hero description to insert
  • A click through URL

Additional control over what is displayed and what it looks like can be achieved through the use of CSS style sheets which can be specific to each page on each website the gallery is being displayed on if necessary.

To preserve confidentiality we use a configuration code for each gallery: not HTML variable values.