Acclaim is quite simply the easiest web-based way to administer and stage awards competitions and in-house excellence recognition programs.


Loved by people who enter and run awards programs

It doesn't take a genius to understand when your business is recognising excellence your awards competitions and excellence recognition programs have to be outstanding as well. Your participants are the best in their profession. They expect and accept nothing less.

  • Integrates easily with your current website, no specialist skills necessary
  • One simple service with marketing, entry, payment, judging and results
  • 100% seamless digital exhibit management for entry materials
  • Barcoded labels and asset management for entry materials shipped in
  • Any sized awards competition or excellence recognition program
  • Local, National, International and easily change the language on screen to what you want it to be
  • Easy and quick to setup with minimal lead-times and maximum flexibility

Acclaim in action 
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Your awards program can be up and running in a day

The simple online service for managing domestic and international awards competitions and excellence recognition activity.

  • Management of awards competitions and excellence recognition programs
  • Simple market and pre-release testing for advertising, film and television programming and promotion
  • In-house and out-of-house multi-person and multi-stage evaluation for creative work 
  • Evaluating and selecting grant applications with online application submission and proposal scoring
  • Recognise excellence throughout your organisation and suppliers

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Real world pricing that makes complete business sense

Acclaim has been designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic awards and excellence recognition industry. Its available now and priced in a way that works for your awards program and your business.

  • Set your competition up quickly without specialist resources
  • Try out new contests or segment existing ones without the cost risk
  • Predictable, manageable cost with monthly payments to smooth your cashflow
  • Its on the web and ready to implement immediately without risky web development or expensive hardware

With Acclaim your awards programs run as you need them to run: on time and on budget.

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