Making it easier to run awards competitions and excellence recognition programs.

Acclaim is everything you need to run an amazing awards competition or excellence recognition program all on the web. It seamlessly connects marketing, entry submissions, multi-round scoring, results processing, status and business reporting for all awards competitions and excellence recognition activity.

Acclaim Platform

A web platform designed to deliver everything you need for awards competitions or excellence recognition programs - regardless of your competition's size or complexity, anywhere in the world.

A selection of services that work seamlessly together; gathering entry information, processing payments, preparing for judging, managing scoring, nominees and winners.


Acclaim awards management is a hosted service, available anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is point your web browser at your Acclaim web address.

Email support (24/5) and Knowledge Base included free of charge.

Acclaim+ Support
For the peace of mind knowing there is an Acclaim product specialist available on-demand when you need them most. *

Maintenance & Updates
All included. Your Acclaim awards management service is always kept up to date for you, no effort required.

Branded With Your Personality
Change the logos and colours and screen language so Acclaim becomes your own.

Local & Global
Interface language, timezones, multi-lingual entry, currency and taxes.

Flexible, Simple Pricing
Acclaim pricing is aligned with the success of your awards program. No per user pricing or media-handling surcharges.

Realtime Online Management
Important business indicators and realtime information in all key areas: the right information at the right time.

Acclaim Knowledge
Web delivered by a real person: tailored to your awards program and given by an Acclaim product specialist.*

Refined Interface
A clear clean interface that knows what you're doing and reconfigures itself accordingly.

Unconstrained Flexibility
With Acclaim you can grow your competition without constraint. Any number of categories with any number of rounds with any number of entries.


Speed up entry, remove the hidden entry costs for your entrants and eliminate entry errors.

Acclaim Strategy
Super smart adaptive online entry forms that eliminate time-consuming form filling, information duplication, asset handling overheads, postage and courier costs and delays.

Live Entry Home
Everything you need to know about the entries, updated in realtime.

Realtime Status
Your entrant always knows what still needs to be done, and when they're done.

Smart Entry Forms
Fast single or multiple category entry with intelligently adaptive and beautifully simple online entry forms reducing the time it takes to enter.

Progressive Saves
Making sure no entry information is lost as entries are made or updated

Credits Managed
Credits are entered once, re-used as needed. Credit where and only when credit's due.

Entry Preview & Print
Preview entries on-demand, edit and revise entries easily

Integrated Credit Card Payment
Invoicing and seamlessly integrated credit card, bank transfer and payment platform settlement.

Extended Entry Information
For custom information collected with an entry but not scored.

Digital Uploads
Upload your digital media entry assets. Revise them as many times as you need to.

Digital Asset Preparation
Now your entrant's uploads are automatically prepared for entry approvals, judging and then available for awards show production.

Barcoded Shipping Labels
Here's the barcoded labels you need for what you're shipping.

Materials Receipt
Record the receipt of assets with a simple scan of a barcode with your phone and automatic status updates for your entrants. 

Mobile Device Apps
Management support for apps being submitted for entries.

Realtime Management
Update deadlines and monitor your competition's key entry and revenue targets with real-time information.

Email Communication
Entrant communication with individual messages or with pre-defined recipient lists.



Effortless online or offline judging with outstanding control and flexibility with immediate results and assured integrity.

Acclaim Strategy
Slipstream multi-deadline, track, round and criteria. All seamlessly integrated with entry and digital asset media management.

Acclaim StreamScore Judging
Deliver the results everyone is waiting for with unrivalled online voting.

Quality Control
Review and stage entries for judging. Extend this with Compliance* for additional management control of entry quality.

Entries can be removed from competition for non-payment and non-compliance with other specified conditions.

Acclaim in Confidence
Judges enter scores that only they can change. When you call a result scores are set in stone forever.

Outstanding Judging Flexibility
Judges judging anywhere in the world: Open or specialist juries, with automated results tabulation and round posting.

Managed Entry Exhibits
Streaming with Acclaim StreamScore™ for online scoring. Barcode entry asset identification for venue-based judging.

Hybrid & Offline Judging Fallback
Total assurance that valuable venue-based judging days will never be compromised by loss of internet.

Simple Judging Preparation
No more duplication, photo copying or multiple exhibit requests or judging packs.

On Demand Judging
Online judging round-by-round with exhibits streaming to your judges as and when they need them wherever they are.

Slipstream Control
Monitor scoring progress round by round, call results category by category.

Integrity Assured
Protect and enhance the integrity of your competition. Eliminate voting distortion with score analysis.

Load Balancing
Hundreds of categories, thousands of entries, teams and teams of judges.

Planet Friendly
No more time-consuming, expensive carbon-unfriendly travel. 


Simple or complex entry pricing with immediate online entry fee payment.

Acclaim Strategy
Multi-dimensional rate cards and pricing windows with spot pricing at checkout and integrated credit card payment and automated settlement.

Real Pricing Flexibility
If you charge for entry then Acclaim 4D pricing gives you pricing flexibility across all your competition categories.

Entry Spot Pricing
Free or priced categories, entry incentives if you want them. Additional up-sell items spot priced at checkout.

Integrated Card Payments
All major credit cards supported. PayPal® or Stripe® clearing integrated.

Detailed single or multiple-company invoices automatically generated and printed on demand.

Realtime Sales Status
Monitor revenue, cleared funds, key participation and performance statistics.

Integrated Shop
Gala tickets, membership, merchandise, publications: anything you want to sell alongside or as part of entries in your awards program.**

Pricing Incentives
Multiple entry and deadline by deadline pricing.

VIP Pricing
Apply client specific pricing and generate the invoice.

Cheque and Bank Transfers
Manual settlement to record the payments.

Payment Receipts
Automatically emailed as soon as payment cleared.

Current, defined period and year on year sales reporting. With Acclaim your need-to-know business-critical information is right where you need it, constantly updated in real-time.

Event and Category-level sponsors with campaigns, logos, tiers and logo click through for premium sponsors and scrolling logo ribbons.


Support & Knowledge

Acclaim product specialists there when we're needed. Fast-start training and ongoing updates to empower with Acclaim knowledge.

Acclaim awards specialists located around the world and named account contacts, all connected with support desk technologies.

24/7 Support Desk
Email and Knowledge Base support is included free of charge.

Acclaim+ Support Extension Options
Extended support hours and on-demand specialists for your awards programme.*

Global Presence
Headquartered in the UK with additional sales and support personnel in USA (NYC) and New Zealand (Wellington).

Web-based Education
1 to 1 web training with an Acclaim product specialist to make sure you and your team get the best out of Acclaim.

Round Table Web Seminars
Regular web discussion and demonstration seminars with you and your team to fine tune your Acclaim service.

Tech Summary

Enterprise class stability and availability.

Proven technology stack running on the worlds largest hosting platform.

Always Up to Date
Acclaim is web-based software that's made available to you via the internet. Actively maintained and .

Works on all modern browsers
Everyone that is supposed to has access to the latest functionality and information they need.

Global or Local
With Acclaim you can be as global as you need to be so you're always right where your entrants and judges are.


Nothing to download or install
No software to install, no computer hardware to buy and manage, no network changes required

High Availability
Access 24/7 - anywhere, anytime. Unlimited scalability: no deadline day slowdowns.

No more mission critical data on insecure laptops, USB sticks or portable hard drives. 

We focus on the technology: security, uptime, backups and upgrades.

* Some Acclaim features and services are premium add-ons.
** 2.5% commission on Shop turnover (excludes entry sales revenue).

We'd welcome  the opportunity to show you how Acclaim can help you manage your awards competitions and excellence recognition programs.